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Risk Management

Risk Management

We make your safety and loss prevention our priority

Griffith E. Harris Insurance can introduce you to a network of specialists providing Risk Management Services utilizing the latest technology to create innovative solutions to minimize and prevent loss. This includes business liability assessment, safety and loss control surveys, workers compensation exposure analysis, business and personal property/inventory exposure analysis and business interruption exposure review.

Risk Management Services:


Our experienced staff offers a personalized Risk Management Analysis designed to reduce potential risk exposure to risks and hazards by identifying the potential threats, vulnerabilities and losses that you, your family, your employees, or your customers may face – ultimate ensuring that you are all safer.

Property Loss Control

We can help identify exposures, minimize the likelihood of a loss, and reduce the impact if it occurs. In conjunction with your insurance carrier’s Loss Control Engineers, we will provide a unique loss prevention action plan using innovative techniques to help you protect your asset.

Security Assessment and Security System Design

We can facilitate a security consultation on alarm systems, safes, video monitoring, and other security devices to deter or minimize the potential of an intrusion or theft.